AMI Expeditionary Healthcare


AMI Australia provides a full range of comprehensive medical and healthcare solutions.

Our Services

Aeromedical Evacuation

Efficient, comprehensive evacuation for expeditions worldwide.

Search & Rescue

Distress monitoring, efficient coordination, and medical evacuation expertise.

Regional Rural & Remote

Comprehensive healthcare for underserved areas, including staff placement and patient transport.

Nursing Hospital

Nursing Hospital Placement/Immunisation

Comprehensive healthcare solutions, immunisations, and school programs promoting preventive healthcare.

Marine Medical Services

Ensuring health and safety for maritime operations, including medical assistance and evacuation.

Oil Rig

Resource Sector: Oil/Gas & Mining

Onsite medical support, evacuation, training, and emergency response for oil, gas, and mining industries.

“Physician owned and led, we deliver timely and tailored medical solutions in Australia.”

Dr. Andrew Walker, Owner/Founder


Expeditionary Healthcare

AMI Australia is a physician-owned and physician-led organisation delivering tailored medical solutions in Australia. With expertise in aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue, regional healthcare, nursing placements, immunisations, marine medical services, and resource sector support, AMI Australia ensures timely and comprehensive healthcare services across diverse sectors.

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