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Aeromedical Evacuation

AMI Australia’s Aeromedical Evacuation service offers end-to-end evacuation solutions, specialising in expeditionary missions. With their fleet of ICU-configured aircraft and 24/7 flight operations, they provide efficient aircraft and operations management. Their global aviation network and growing air ambulance fleet ensure timely and comprehensive medical transportation for those in need.

Search & Rescue

AMI Australia’s Search and Rescue service line encompasses distress monitoring and proficient communication, coordination, and search and rescue functions. They provide essential medical assistance and efficient medical evacuation services. They work collaboratively with cooperating aircraft, vessels, and other craft and installations to ensure effective and timely rescue operation.

Regional Rural & Remote

AMI Australia’s Regional Rural & Remote service line caters to the healthcare needs of underserved areas. We provide general practitioners, hospital placements, emergency department and hospital nursing staffing, as well as aged care staffing. Our services extend to aeromedical patient transport nationwide and primary health support for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Additionally, we offer nurse hospital placement and immunisation services to ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage in these regions.

Nursing Hospital

Nursing Hospital Placement/Immunisation

AMI Australia’s Nursing Hospital Placement/Immunisation service is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions. We specialise in COVID-19 and influenza immunisations, ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities. Additionally, we offer school immunisation programs, prioritizing the health and safety of students. With our expertise and commitment, we play a crucial role in promoting preventive healthcare and disease control measures.

Marine Medical Services

AMI Australia’s Marine Medical Service is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of maritime operations. We provide distress monitoring, effective communication, coordination, and search and rescue functions. Our services encompass medical assistance, diver medical assessments, recompression facility operations, and hyperbaric chamber maintenance. With our expertise in medical evacuation, we work closely with cooperating aircraft, vessels, and other craft and installations for seamless coordination in emergency situations.

Oil Rig

Resource Sector: Oil/Gas & Mining

AMI Australia’s Resource Sector Services cater specifically to the oil, gas, and mining industries. They offer remote field clinics and hospitals, providing onsite clinical support and case reviews. Their services include both rotary-wing (RW) and fixed-wing (FW) aeromedical evacuation, patient stabilisation, and first aid training. They also conduct drug and alcohol testing, provide training, support for personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment testing, certification, and emergency and medical preparation activities. Their team is well-equipped to provide medical consults, treatments, and rapid response in challenging environments.

Urgent Care Clinics

AMI provides staff for Urgent Care Clinics nationwide. Our dedicated team comprises of skilled professionals, including General Practitioners, Registered Nurses (RNs) and Enrolled Nurses (ENs), Nurse Practitioners, Extended Care Paramedics, Allied Health Workers, and more. Our comprehensive staffing services address a broad spectrum of urgent medical needs, encompassing minor injuries, infections, and acute illnesses.

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AMI Australia provides tailored healthcare solutions to government agencies, the private sector, international aid organisations, and humanitarian concerns in remote and challenging environments. AMI has delivered quality healthcare to more than 140 clinical and hospital facilities worldwide, involving more than 10,000 medical personnel.

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